Tanzania has an estimated hydropower potential of 4,700 MW of which only about 600 MW (13%) has been exploited mainly by Tanzania Electric Supply Company Ltd. (TANESCO) by the end of 2017. The market of hydropower opened for competition in 2008. Since that year many small hydropower (<10 MW) project developers established themselves but in a large number failed to get their projects operational in the last 10 years


Tanzania Small Hydro Power Association (TSHPA) Ltd. has been established in 8 December 2017. The young and professional organization has been founded to support small hydropower project developers in improving project development so that villagers and TANESCO can benefit better and faster.


TSHPA Ltd. sees a future situation of small hydropower generation and distribution everywhere possible in mountainous areas of Tanzania.


TSHPA Ltd. wants to support small hydropower project developers in developing their projects professionally in Tanzania.


Certificate of Incorporation